Volunteer schedule for November, 2019

Nov 3 Oct 17 Nov 17 Nov 24
Refreshments Tyson Murphy Bossenbroek McWilliams
Grounds Prom Prom Beckman Beckman
Cleaning DeVries CCDS Christians CCDS
Greeters Greenfield Wardrop Beckman Prom
Ushers DeVries Christians McWilliams Tyson
Nursery Prom Huang Williams Huang
Williams/Huang Christians Yu/Suryk Greenfield/Beckman
Chris Molly Hye Shin Chris
*If you cannot fulfill your job, please arrange a substitute. (Feel free to contact the volunteer coordinator to arrange a substitute). Also if you switch dates with someone, please let the bulletin editor and the webmaster know so that the right information will appear in the bulletin and on this page.