Volunteer schedule for October, 2019

Oct 6 Oct 13 Oct 20 Oct 27
Refreshments Ward Christians Wardrop Williams
Grounds Ward Ward O'Gorman O'Gorman
Cleaning Beckman CCDS Ward CCDS
Greeters Tyson Williams Huang Ward
Ushers Christians Beckman Williams/Greenfield Yu/Huang
Nursery Huang McWilliams Tyson Wardrop
Greenfield/Yu Suryk/Beckman Wardrop Kumar
Chris Issak Roxanne Hye Shin
*If you cannot fulfill your job, please arrange a substitute. (Feel free to contact the volunteer coordinator to arrange a substitute). Also if you switch dates with someone, please let the bulletin editor and the webmaster know so that the right information will appear in the bulletin and on this page.